UM Law Alumni Spirit of Achievement Award

All that bustling around on campus this week can be ascribed to a single big deal — homecoming. With all the fanfare it can muster, the University of Miami's Homecoming 2011 is set to launch across campus, with most events taking place later in the week. As usual, there will be receptions, dinners, sports events and other activities to mark the occasion. The law school will kick off its own homecoming Read More

Needless Records’ Adam Gersten

Needless Records' Adam Gersten Talks Jimmy Buffett, and His Need for an Intern By Liz Tracy for Crossfade Mon. Dec 27, 2010 Currently living what sounds like the premise of a television legal drama, Adam Gersten is a dude from Miami Beach who's found himself with the seriously serious job of being a Key West lawyer. Though Matlock and Sam Waterston do inspire his life choices, it is Gersten's label, Needless Read More

The Florida Bar News: Facebooking Judges

Florida’s Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee recently issued an opinion regarding judges’ online social networking activities. When asked whether a judge may add lawyers who may appear before the judge as “friends” on a social networking site, and permit such lawyers to add the judge as a “friend,” the JEAC answered, “No.” (You can be fans of judges you appear before, you just can’t be their friends, January Read More