Can’t Afford an Attorney?

What happens when you can’t afford an attorney? If you find yourself involved in a legal dispute, but cannot afford an attorney, you may still be able to hire a lawyer for your matter without paying for legal fees out of your pocket. There are several ways that you can hire an attorney who will work for you, without necessarily paying them directly or even at all. Free Legal Assistance You may qualify for free Read More

How to Hire a Lawyer for your Business

Having a good lawyer to help you is critical to any successful business. A good business lawyer is a person who you trust, who communicates well with you and shares your values and vision. Often called corporate general counsel, this is the attorney who will know enough about a broad range of legal topics, such as contracts, government regulations and compliance, tax, employment law, intellectual property, and Read More

What to do when your Cash Flow takes a Dive

Every business has its ups and downs. But occasionally, your cash flow will take a dive that you did not expect. It might be a seasonal decline in sales, a new competitor, or any number of variables, many of which you cannot possibly identify. If today is not the day to throw in the towel for you, how do you survive a sudden sharp decline in income? Personal Loan Depending on how much money, and how badly you Read More

Jane Muir wins Florida Bar Most Productive Young Lawyer Award

The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division has chosen to honor Jane Muir with the 2015 Lynn Futch Most Productive Young Lawyer Award. This award is given to a young lawyer who is not a member of the Florida Bar YLD Board of Governors, who has worked most diligently in the past year in Bar activities and/or law related public activities and who has an excellent reputation for legal abilities and integrity. The Florida Read More

6 Things You Must Know About Copyrights and Street Art

Artist’s rights in their street art, whether commissioned or guerrilla, has been in the news with some frequency lately, largely due to suits against American Eagle and Terry Gilliam. The slippery nature of copyright law has left many wondering where to draw the line between taking a photograph with street art in the background and taking a photo that infringes on a copyright. Unfortunately, there are no easy Read More

Handling a Case Yourself

The Latin phrase pro se is used to refer to one who is handling his own case. I do not recommend this because it is very difficult, especially if your opposing party has a lawyer. Imagine walking into a boxing gym for the first time, taping your knuckles, and starting your first match against Mike Tyson. In court, it could feel just like getting knocked out if your opponent has a good lawyer. It has been said, by Read More

Choosing a Fee Arrangement with your Attorney

If you find yourself involved in a legal dispute, the first question you need to answer is whether to hire an attorney. We have created this infographic to help you decide whether to hire a lawyer for your matter. If you have reached the conclusion that you want to hire a lawyer, the next question is what arrangement would be best for you to work with a lawyer. You could hire an attorney on a contingency basis, hire Read More

How to deal with a bad tenant

It is hard to be a landlord in Miami with a bad tenant. Typical complaints can include failure to pay rent, destruction of the property, unauthorized pets, smoking, guests or subleases, and the list goes on and on. Here are some tips for dealing with your tenant to preserve your rights and your property. Be clear about your rights and responsibilities are as a landlord Have a lease agreement Your lease Read More

When do you need an NDA?

When do you need an NDA?  “NDA” stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement. (“NDA”) These agreements are also sometimes called Confidentiality Agreements, and they might even be one provision within an agreement that covers a the entire understanding between parties. Whatever they are called or found, these agreements are basically contracts designed to define the consequences that you could impose if someone shared your Read More

How to Negotiate a Contract

Plenty of clients call me or come to my office to tell me that they have made an agreement with someone and they want for me to write it up in a proper contract. I prepare the contract, send it to the other party’s attorney, and then both parties are stunned by the cost to finalize the contract. As with anything, there are many ways to successfully negotiate a contract. You can certainly shake hands with someone and Read More