5 Essential Elements of a Confidentiality Agreement

Growing up, did you ever enter into a verbal confidentiality agreement with a friend? Did you ever share a valuable secret based on the promise that the friend would never breathe a word? And when that person inevitably blabbed, did you wish there was some way you could have ensured their silence? Now, as an adult in the business world, the verbal promise of confidentiality is more ineffective than Read More

5 Ways to Prepare Your Company for the Inevitability of Getting Sued

Before you read this blog, it is essential that you understand one key thing: there is no way to completely eliminate your company’s risk of getting sued. We live in a free, some might say “litigious” society, where anyone can sue for nearly any reason. If you go into business, particularly if you own more than one business, you will probably get sued at some point. Even seemingly ridiculous suits can get their Read More

Prenuptial Agreements and Responsible Business Ownership

You’re madly in love, you say? You’re going to be together forever, you say? Your fiance isn’t even interested in your business, you say? So, why would you possibly need to sign a prenuptial agreement? The fact is, as an entrepreneur, it may be irresponsible business ownership to neglect having a prenup that, at the bare minimum, addresses your company and whether or not your spouse will have any ownership Read More

Two Major Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing a Lawsuit

If you spend much time watching the news then you may be under the assumption that you can file a lawsuit for just about anything, and that suing someone is a simple process. This is not necessarily the case. When your company has been financially wronged, choosing to file a lawsuit is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Certainly, you should not be taken advantage of and you have every right to Read More

Key Components of Your Website’s “Terms of Use” Agreement

If you operate a business that has a website, and particularly if that website provides digital services for users, it should not even be a question that you should have your users agree to a “Terms of Use” contract before they can participate. Also known as “Terms of Service” or “Terms and Conditions,” a terms of use agreement dictates the rules that users of your website and digital services must follow in order Read More

Can’t Afford an Attorney?

What happens when you can’t afford an attorney? If you find yourself involved in a legal dispute, but cannot afford an attorney, you may still be able to hire a lawyer for your matter without paying for legal fees out of your pocket. There are several ways that you can hire an attorney who will work for you, without necessarily paying them directly or even at all. Free Legal Assistance You may qualify for free Read More

How to Hire a Lawyer for your Business

Having a good lawyer to help you is critical to any successful business. A good business lawyer is a person who you trust, who communicates well with you and shares your values and vision. Often called corporate general counsel, this is the attorney who will know enough about a broad range of legal topics, such as contracts, government regulations and compliance, tax, employment law, intellectual property, and Read More

What to do when your Cash Flow takes a Dive

Every business has its ups and downs. But occasionally, your cash flow will take a dive that you did not expect. It might be a seasonal decline in sales, a new competitor, or any number of variables, many of which you cannot possibly identify. If today is not the day to throw in the towel for you, how do you survive a sudden sharp decline in income? Personal Loan Depending on how much money, and how badly you Read More

Jane Muir wins Florida Bar Most Productive Young Lawyer Award

The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division has chosen to honor Jane Muir with the 2015 Lynn Futch Most Productive Young Lawyer Award. This award is given to a young lawyer who is not a member of the Florida Bar YLD Board of Governors, who has worked most diligently in the past year in Bar activities and/or law related public activities and who has an excellent reputation for legal abilities and integrity. The Florida Read More

6 Things You Must Know About Copyrights and Street Art

Artist’s rights in their street art, whether commissioned or guerrilla, has been in the news with some frequency lately, largely due to suits against American Eagle and Terry Gilliam. The slippery nature of copyright law has left many wondering where to draw the line between taking a photograph with street art in the background and taking a photo that infringes on a copyright. Unfortunately, there are no easy Read More