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The attorneys of Gersten & Muir, P.A. are passionate advocates for businesses throughout Miami-Dade County. We provide numerous business legal services to help make your company grow and flourish. We are knowledgeable and dedicated to finding solutions that fit your company’s needs. Please click here to find out more about how we can help your business.

Jane Muir was referred to me by a friend of mine who is also an attorney. I found them to be very professional, they provided me with excellent advice and were not looking to turn my small case into a big one. One thing that impressed me was that they asked for the facts and background information before we had our consultation. When we had our consultation she knew the facts and could advise me intelligently. It was a much more meaningful meeting as a result.

Bill G.

I was sued by a Miami vendor for work that I never requested. Since I am not located in Florida, I found Gersten & Muir through my brother-in-law​, (an attorney) and retained Jane Muir to defend me. She kept me informed of the progress of the lawsuit and did an excellent job of explaining my options. Not only did she prevail in the lawsuit in the end, but also the vendor paid me back some of my legal fees. It was a pleasure to be represented by Gersten & Muir.

Dr. Andy L.

The professionals at Gersten and Muir have been very helpful to me and my business. Their guidance and efficiency helped organize all the paperwork and fees associated with starting a business as well as give me peace of mind that my company was off to a good start. I have known Ms. Muir for many years both personally and professionally, she always gives straight forward sound advice.

Alex H.

Such a pleasure working with this team of smart professionals. I would highly recommend them!

Jessica L.